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Sweater Weather is Better Weather..

Sweater Weather is Better Weather..

 Sweater:  Cabi   Pants:  Madewell    Bag: Sole  Society    Shoes: Sole  Society

Sweater: Cabi

Pants: Madewell

Bag: Sole Society

Shoes: Sole Society

I have to start off by saying that my blog is officially a year old! Actuallyyyy it's a year and one month. But I've been a bad blog mom and completely let it pass me by. (Sorry Blog). I want to take a moment to say thank you to all of you who not only subscribe to my blog but those of you who read it religiously, to my friends and family who constantly listen to me bitch about how hard it is to create and maintain a blog while having a full time job. And last but not least, THANK YOU to my amazing photographer and best friend, Karlla. Thank you for standing in the frigid temps, pouring rain, and blazing sun just to take my picture. Are you sick of my face yet?? I couldn't do this without each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! 

Well Indian summer is officially over and winter is finally here! (Que my happy dance) I love this sweater poncho for many reasons, but mainly because I feel like I'm wrapped in a warm blanket when I wear it. And who doesn't love that?! Its extremely functional, can be dressed up or down. For all of my working ladies who like me have a dress code at work, this can EASILY be worn with a pair of slacks or a skirt in to the office. Pair it with a cute boot or a pump and you're ready to take on the corporate world. Who says business attire has to be boring??

I have a love hate relationship with bucket bags. Hate, because they are a black hole and I can never find ANYTHING. Love, because they're so so cute and fit A TON of stuff in them. With that being said I absolutely LOVE this sole society bucket bag, the lining is beige which makes it soooo much easier to find all of the useless crap that I keep in my bag. #Winning. Good job sole society, I am once again impressed. On a side note, I decided to channel my inner Audrey and pull a breakfast at tiffanies inspired bun. And I love it. 

I hope y'all have a great week!



Puppy Love..

Puppy Love..

Indian Summer..

Indian Summer..