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 Shoes:  Jeffrey Campbell   Denim:  Joe's Jeans   Top:  H.I.P.   Vest: Sold Out - Similar  HERE

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Denim: Joe's Jeans

Top: H.I.P.

Vest: Sold Out - Similar HERE

26 has always seemed like an incredibly significant life event to me. People make a fuss about 25 (quarter-century! woo!) but I’m more interested in 26. That’s where the scale tips, you know? I am now closer to 30 than I am to 20. HELLO that's a big effin deal. 

Turning 26 has changed my perspective on life and here are just a few of the reasons:

I am officially in my LATE TWENTIES:

My first years after college were great, but I didn't feel like an actual adult. 26 feels like legitimate adulthood and I'm not sure if I like it.. I think back to being 15 years old and thinking to myself "I want to be married and have at least 1 child by the time I am 26." Jokes on you Molly, that's not reality. I can barely take care of my dog. 

I am freaking OLD. But also so YOUNG: 

I woke up on my birthday and thought, “Holy crap, how am I already 26?” I remember life without having a cell phone attached to my hand and before social media was slowly ruining people's lives. A simpler time if you will. Living in Utah makes me feel OLD. 26 years on this earth feels like a long time!

On the other hand I feel so young. Am I the only one who looks for an actual adult when someone needs help? Like, I'm not fully an adult, right? There are more adultier (is that a word?) adults than me. I still don't know how to tell if chicken is fully cooked.. thank God for moms, and google. 

Time feels more important: 

This will probably make me sound like a complete asshole, but I no longer feel obligated to hang out with some people just because they asked. No more excuses just a flat out no. Time feels a little more important now and my life seems a little more prioritized. I know to whom I want to give my time and they are the ones who get it.

So with that, CHEERS TO 26! I know it's going to be a great year!



Falling into Autumn.

Falling into Autumn.

Summer Lovin..

Summer Lovin..